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İngilizce » İngilizce Yukarı
Guard Dinle!
To protect from danger; to secure against surprise, attack, or injury; to keep in safety; to defend; to shelter; to shield from surprise or attack; to protect by attendance; to accompany for protection; to care for.
Guard Dinle!
To keep watch over, in order to prevent escape or restrain from acts of violence, or the like.
Guard Dinle!
To protect the edge of, esp. with an ornamental border; hence, to face or ornament with lists, laces, etc.
Guard Dinle!
To fasten by binding; to gird.
Guard Dinle!
To watch by way of caution or defense; to be caution; to be in a state or position of defense or safety; as, careful persons guard against mistakes.
v. i.

İngilizce » İngilizce İlişkili Sonuçlar Yukarı
Avant-guard The van or advanced body of an army. See Vanguard. n.
Axle guard The part of the framing of a railway car or truck, by which an axle box is held laterally, and in which it may move vertically; -- also called a jaw in the United States, and a housing in England.
Stack-guard A covering or protection, as a canvas, for a stack. n.
Castle-guard The guard or defense of a castle. n.
Castle-guard A tax or imposition an a dwelling within a certain distance of a castle, for the purpose of maintaining watch and ward in it; castle-ward. n.
Castle-guard A feudal tenure, obliging the tenant to perform service within the realm, without limitation of time. n.